The Best Vegetarian Stuffing

The Best Vegetarian Stuffing

Ingredients You'll Need - Sourdough - Butter - Mushrooms - Carrots - Celery - Onion - Leek - Herbs - Broth - White wine - Vegan sausages

Add cubed sourdough to sheet pan and toast for 20-30 min at 375 F until golden.

Melt butter in pan and add sausage. Saute until browned then add the veggies.

Once veggies are softened, stir in the herbs and white wine. Sauté until wine is reduced.

Add broth and eggs (or egg substitute) to a bowl and whisk together.

Add veggies and bread to baking dish and stir. Pour broth/egg mixture over top. Cover with foil and bake.

Bake with foil at 375 F for 35 minutes then remove foil and bake another 10-15 min.

Garnish with fresh chopped parsley for color.

A perfect side dish for your Thanksgiving gathering that vegetarian friends/family can enjoy!

Dig into this delicious vegetarian stuffing this holiday!

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